IMAX Cinema | 3D Cinema Construction – Bigger Screens, Bigger Sound and Bigger Seating. Cinemas with 3D screens are making 30% more per movie than non 3D screens. If y…
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22 Responses to IMAX Cinema | 3D Cinema Construction

  1. TheDomi35 says:

    Hahaha, people calm down. Croatia has the largest IMAX cinema in Europe with 800 seats and 433 square meters. Simply type in google “Cinestar IMAX Arena Centar Zagreb”

  2. 4stral1 says:

    imax is bigger?, our theater is 136 square meter screen, with 495 seats, Dolby Digital, HFR, 3D, THX. and it aint any imax, its just big with comfortable, soft classy seats..not any plastic cheap chairs.

  3. 2cool2muchswag says:

    Thats not IMAX.thats the size of a theaters premium format like cinemark Xd or amc ETX.You only truly find real IMAX screens at museums. Dont pay your money to see this crap! Those tickets are like 13.50 a pop it should for that size screen be 7 or 5 bucks.carmike, amc, cinemark are not imax compatible.regal is like the only theater franchise that has nearly or full sized IMAX screens

  4. Khalil Vennie says:

    Yeah that’s Carmike Big D.

  5. Khalil Vennie says:

    Don’t listen to this fag, True IMAX Theaters have a wall to wall, ceiling to floor screen and an Advanced Sound System Unavailible Anywhere Else.
    Digital IMAX is just a Modified Version of IMAX MPX (Resized for Multiplex Cinemas).

  6. Tanuj Dua says:

    While I agree it isn’t ‘true IMAX’ it is still far better than regular cinema (in my opinion).

    Some screens definitely don’t justify the price in crease however, but I do love the sound improvement at my local (digital) vs regular screens they have…

  7. LeWanabee says:

    Epitech ftw

  8. DrChrispocalypse says:

    this is a small imax screen by comarison

  9. wallythecount says:

    Att least they have nice seats ..i gues this is what liemax looks like.

  10. EmpireLS56KW says:

    This video is a total load of BOLLOCKS! 0:15 laughable Epic Fail that is not an IMAX set-up behind the screen which only consists of 4 large PA speakers LCR across the middle and above the centre a matched speaker for upper centre “the voice of god” the subs are placed below the centre channel and the surrounds are the same matched as the fronts to keep timber balance the same.

    This video and the upload-er fail.

  11. Camilo Atehortua says:

    this is not IMAX? this IMAX is too small

  12. 2WayToParadise says:


  13. Edward Morris says:

    Digital Imax is a fraud! The 70mm/15 is the only true Imax. Don’t pay your money for an inferior performance in a Digital Imax Cinema.

  14. snip3r416 says:

    name of song plz

  15. spacemountaineer91 says:

    …its not IMAX. fail.

  16. Sean Mulvihill says:

    @joberfeld113 yeah, also colors and the picture on those cheap projectors are shit

  17. Michael JCaboose says:

    @rbkhocket83. Forget 35mm if the films in the 70 mm IMAX format. Also, why buy a projector when you normally need a screen that cost up to a few hundred dollars. Just do what I do and go with a decent sized TV with HDMI.

  18. Sean Mulvihill says:

    can it project 35mm film? There you go. That’s why I don’t want one.

  19. Luke Weaver says:

    See I have a 208i hd projector in my room( which is in the basement) it is soo awesome! Idk why anybody would want to go to the movies when they can bring to whole movie theater into their home and save $ my projector was only $215 on black friday sale and I love it. U all should get one it’s a dg 737

  20. SuperScaryZombie says:

    Screens don’t look big enough…

  21. foufoufun0 says:

    At least it’s a little bit more stylish than Windows Movie Maker white text on blue screen.

  22. zodoize says:

    This was made on imovie

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