1. Its really nice and pretty realistic……however it looks like its coming to u through the window O.o can u fix it somewhow so its snowing on the ground instead at the window?

  2. it`s a very nice panel i use it for GPS operations and some other stuff quality is good no problems since i got it and very easy to configure it trough FSX or FSUIPC.If you are interested maybe i can sell you mine since soon i will not need it anymore.You can contact me trough my website

  3. I want ask do you recommend the TT panel or not ????

    And can I configure it easily and use it with joysticks which have a number of buttons ???

  4. i know i got my eyes on that too the only problem that my italian credit card is not accepted i have to make a new one i allready both the switches….lol

  5. it`s a nice addon plug and play needs no drivers and has programmable controls it could be better but for that price behaves very good and it`s not all in plastic like saitek in struments….lol

  6. Oh Man! It looks likes Christmas at your place! Let me know how your switch panel behaves, i’m just umming and arhing about whether to get one or not! Thanks me old chum. Toodles for now! ;O) captainanton.co.uk

  7. do u kno a company name desktop aviator? im getting a 2120 board from the that way u can make your own toggle switch so u can place the in the right place in your cockpit im buying one of these boards plus a rotary encoder the 2120 just $43 bucks and the rotary encoder is $53 the 2120 u can add up 2 20 toggle switches and the rotary i think adds about 6 rotary encoders u should check it out ..im gettin both and they are very very easy to install that a kid could do it :)

  8. after some testing it`s not breath takeing but it`s a good addon for my sim sience i wanted to remove my sticker keyboards and it has a low price too

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