26 thoughts on “737-8 “MAX” landing @ Phoenix FSX

  1. I just mentioned that it is pretty useless to post such comments. It obviosly is the 737MAX and I just hate people who think they know everything better, but actually they don’t.

  2. Hello there, great video. Just wondering if your not busy could you post a video back on how to set up the simulator because on mine say if i had the throttle in the lowest position, the stick on the right (that controls elevator and ailerons) i would be ridiculously off center. A respone would be appreciated :) . Once again great vid.

  3. for about a year, but has been broken for the past 2 months, had a baby as well so didn’t get a chance to really get out and fly it. Practicing on the Sim though. I think with the latest updates phoenix has made it more realistic than before. Can’t wait to fix my real one and get out there :) ))))

  4. I didn’t get a solution from their tech wizards but, after installing the s update I got the noise filter box which seems to work so far. I haven’t updated to the t version after that but I believe the filter in the s update will still be working.

  5. Mine glitchesall the damn time. Sometimes it happens frequently (every 30 secs or so) and causes me to crash land. I’m using a generic PPM USB sim cable (with a stereo plug on the end). Its not an “official” sim cable, but they all likely use a similar chipset/controller board.

    You’re certainly not alone!

  6. Yes I have the 2.5t, please let me know of the reply that they’ll give you. Also, now that I come to think about it sometimes the throttle glitches as well, i.e. rapid acceleration etc.

  7. Split second glitches is exactly what I have, mainly on channel 6 (cp in my setup) but also the rare tail glitch. When I return home I need to check on my tx’s production number to see if it’s one of the malfunctioning ones, but I have read that the trainer cable and the dongle in combo with the DX6i is causing glitches. I am waiting for a reply from Phoenix’ tech wiz’s. Are you running the latest update (2.5t so far)?

  8. I can’t really say that I experience major glitches. Only occasionally the rudder moves for for a milisecond by itself ( tail glitch).  Other than that the DX6i is fine.

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