CH Products Yoke Modification

The CH Products Flight Sim Yoke is a great addition to your home flight simulator, but we can improve it with this simple modification. In this video, we sho…
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23 Responses to CH Products Yoke Modification

  1. Hubert K. says:

    CH modification : replace with saitek

  2. orika001 says:

    which is better? this (ch product) or saitek??

  3. acexprt says:

    I just found one of these at the goodwill for 6.99!! can you believe that? with box!
    I few days ago i also found Saitek Pro Rudder Pedals for 5.99..
    Ive been checking the goodwill regularly for Flight sim stuff. great Deals!

  4. Ronald Glen Bayfield says:

    so simple’ why has nobody thought of this before? I am going to try this out over this weekend’ & have a look at the website to see how to improve my sim even more, I use Saitek panels and hear SPAD drivers are better but I have no idea how to install the program that you need to make the work, can anyone help, i’d have no idea what settings to input into it & don’t want to mess up my FSX. thanks in advance

  5. momashi69 says:

    The ultimate solution to the friction problem would be to retro fit the front and back of the yoke with a bearing ring around the shaft. At that point it would perform almost as good as a PFC yoke.

  6. momashi69 says:

    SUGGESTION: There was alot of friction in the areas where the shaft contacts the plastic. I greased any moving contact areas along the shaft with oil. The improvement was quite substantial. It’s silky smooth for the moment. In time dust may cake on the oily shaft & reduce the smoothness. At that I’ll clean out the oil & replace it /w Teflon spray which is dust repellant due to its magnetization. As it is magnetized, I’ll have to take apart the yoke and do the spraying far from its electronics.

  7. momashi69 says:

    I did the modifications. The Yoke’s actually usable now!! If I was to give it a performance grade before, it would be 50%. Now I would give it 85%. Not perfect but very pleasant to use.

  8. Fadi Racy says:

    Totally Brillant!!! The yoke will become way smoother not creak like an old … I don’t know … something that creaks … like a world war 2 mobile hospital bed….

  9. A38460 says:

    I have mine a since a while ago, and when I rebooted my pc, maintaining the XP, it stoped working. It’s the LE yoke flightsim, and it’s not USB. When I try to select the yoke from the control panel, I have a message saying that the driver controlers or game drivers are not well configured. Can you helpe me? I’m one step from throw the yoke and the pc out the window.

  10. VonnieOgrady says:

    Hey! Thank you for this helpful video. By the way, I hear a lot of people keep on talking about Proxoneth Simulator (just google it), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you thought about this popular flight simulator known as Proxoneth Simulator? I’ve heard some great things about it.

  11. HarbardWild says:

    I would recommend you all to use Theraband Gold rubber. I just got some home and i modded my Flightstick, like this but with theraband instead. Just burn two holes in the band , one hole for each attachment, just repeat until you have desired strength :P

  12. Gorilla Jones says:

    Ah OK, I’ve got a Thrustmaster HOTAS cougar for years but was always curious about Yokes.

  13. Roger Dodger Aviation says:

    No I only recommend joysticks for air combat.

  14. Gorilla Jones says:

    Would you recommend a flight yoke for battle games like IL2? I only have room for one or the other. thanks

  15. alhewin01 says:

    How do you get the throttle to work? I just got this product as a gift and everything works but Once I advance the throttle, it cuts back to idle after about 5 seconds.. Any suggestions?

  16. FsxPro2012 says:

    Hi there I have a CH products flight yoke.I have had two but now I have no got a working on because the hat switch has broke, this happened on both of my yokes and I will not spend more money on another can you help?

  17. TheSadhanaCamp says:

    CH Customer Support and the User Forum BOTH say do not use Silicone lubricant. Over time, they say, the plastic degrades. The only product to use is Rubbing Alcohol on the shaft.

  18. dfkendrick says:

    I just performed this mod on my yoke and all I can say is AMAZING! Works really well. I also added some silicone lube to some of the frictions points while I was in there. Bit of difficulty trying to open the yoke. One of my clamp bolts was stripped and had to do a little bit of repair to the post that holds the clamp nut. J-B weld quick dry did the trick. As a private pilot, I was trying to improve the feel and this worked. Thanks so much,

  19. Infalcon says:

    Excellent video, I prove it myself in my yoke and works incredibly well. Thanks for the video buddy :)

  20. Roger Dodger Aviation says:

    I don’t know. Try it.

  21. BFKate says:

    Wouldn’t it be possible to loop the rubber bands onto the horns and avoid the banjo noise if you looped one across the front and the horns other across the rear of the horns? Would this cause a problem with symmetrical response?

  22. MusicLover11325 says:

    What kind of question is that, if you don’t have the spring or rubber band, it won’t self senter your movement will be on one side

  23. Roger Dodger Aviation says:

    Give it a try. It won’t hurt anything.

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