FMS Simulation of Slow Stick

This is the ever popular Slow Stick RC model in FMS, Flying Model Simulator. I am using my old Tower 4FM transmitter connected to my PC through a simblast ca…
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11 Responses to FMS Simulation of Slow Stick

  1. David Maskell says:

    Where did u get the model?

  2. Bob Brown III says:

    Read pjprofili’s comments below. I don’t recall exactly where the model is but if you read his comments below he tells us how to find it.

  3. mikegigabyte says:

    where did you get that model, ive been downloading about 4 now but cant find one that flys that well, or looks that good

  4. Bob Brown III says:

    I believe you can. I have used a Saitek Game Controller to do this on my laptop. I just prefer doing it with my real airplane transmitter.  The problem with a game controller is the spring loaded left stick which corresponds to the throttle on a model transmitter. On a model airplane transmitter that stick is not spring loaded to neutral and can therefore retain a setting given to it whereas the game controller returns to center position.

  5. jazzyrocka12 says:

    Question, I didn’t understand what you said on your description. Can you hook any plane remote up to your computer if you have a USB connector?

  6. Bob Brown III says:

    A Slow Stick is a minimalist radio controlled model airplane. The fuselage consists of an aluminum “stick” and it flies very slowly, hence “Slow Stick.” Many people use a Slow Stick as their first radio controlled model. Many experienced fliers have one just for fun.

  7. Bob Brown III says:

    Got them both. Thanks for the great models. I will try to get some video of them in flight for YouTube soon.

  8. Bob Brown III says:

    Thanks. I will do that. Those sound like models that would be fun to have.

  9. pjprofili says:

    Search for my username (pjprofili) in that Forum for links to the three models that I’ve built for FMS. The Slow Stick, the Parkzone J-3 Cub and the Trick Stick.

  10. pjprofili says:

    Sure thing!

    The modeling was done using a program called Metasequioa (looks like YouTube doesn’t allow URLs in comments, so Google for metasequioa 3d and you’ll find the page) and there’s an FMS forum that contains quite a bit of detail on various aspects of model building. Again a Google search for fms will take you there.

  11. harry3264 says:

    i’ve played the simulater and it was really cool and cheaper lol

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